The Making of Grape Smoothie

Grapes are very nutritious and supply your body with essential vitamins that improve your immunity. Making a smoothie is one of the most enjoyable ways of eating grapes. Grapes easily blend with other fruits, which makes them a good fruit for making smoothies. There are several recipes for making Grape smoothies.

Here are the different ways of making Grapes smoothies.

grape juice

Basic Grape Smoothie

To make the basic grape smoothie, you need to add one cup of milk or almond milk, a cup of grapes that can be seedless or you can just remove the seeds in the grapefruits. You then add a half cup of vanilla yogurt and ice to your blender. You should then blend them until the mixture gets smooth and you are ready to enjoy a basic grape smoothie.

Grape Green Smoothie

Add two cups of red grapes to your blender then cut a banana into small pieces and add to the red grapes. You should then add a handful of Italian parsley to thicken the smoothie. For the green color, add two cups of spinach or green leafy vegetables and a half cup of water. Blend the composition until the mixture softens.

Grape-Mango Smoothie

Add two cups of red grapes and slices of a large mango to your blender. Then add two cups of fresh spinach and a half cup of water and vine tomato. Blend the mixture until it gets soft.

These are the easy steps of making grape smoothies. Try making one yourself today to improve your health.





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