Three Grape Varieties Used to Make Grape Juice

Grape juice is healthy because it lowers bad cholesterol, regulates blood pressure that prevents to damage of your blood vessels and reduces the risk of blood clots. Several types of grapes are used in making grape juice.

Let us discuss the three grape varieties used to make grape juice.

Concord Grapes

The Concord grapes usually have a purple or dark blue skin color and are used to make purple grape juice. They are highly aromatic and have big seeds. Making grape juice using concord grapes boosts the performance of your cardiovascular system by enhancing the flexibility of your arteries. They also improve your cognitive functioning not to mention the sweet taste of juice made from Concord grapes.

Niagara Grapes

The Niagara grapes are closely related to the Concord grapes. They have a green skin and are typically used to make white grape juice. The Niagara grapes have a high concentration of vitamin C that makes them an ideal juice for infants. The Niagara grapes offer a refreshing and healthy white grape juice.


Muscadine Grapes

Muscadine grapes have either a black or dark purple skin color. They are not as popular as the other grape varieties used in making grape juice. They are, however, rich in phytochemicals that protect your cells from damage and intoxication. They have high fiber content, which is useful in preventing constipation.

Whether you want white or red grape juice, the above varieties produce very sweet grape juice. They are nutritious and good for your cardiovascular system.

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