Common Grape Fruit Juice Drug Interactions


When under medications, it is imperative to take note of foods or drinks that can interact positively or negatively with drugs. Despite the fact that grape fruit juice is one of the nutrient packed and healthy drinks that you can take in the morning to keep you going, research studies that it interacts negatively with a number of drugs. Let us look at one such drug and body enzymes for a second.

grape juice

Cytochrome P450 3A4

This is an enzyme that occurs naturally in our bodies. Its main role is to break down toxins such as free radicals as well as toxins. Experiments show that grape fruit reduces the effectiveness of this enzyme, because it contains certain compounds, furanocoumarins that block the enzymes. That, is the enzyme is rendered incapable of breaking down the drugs once you take the grapefruit juice.

How Long Does it Last

That said, it is important to note that the effects of the juice can last in your body for more than 24hours. This means that you should avoid the juice during the entire period of taking drugs if you want to get positive results. However, there are some patients who are advised to take the juice in small amounts, especially if the drugs they are taken cannot be compromised.

Another factor that you need to put in mind is the type of juice that you are taking. Some juices have chemicals that can affect your health negatively by making it impossible for the drugs to respond to the disease causing pathogens. Seek professional insights from your doctor to select a juice that best suits you.

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